Where are my permalinks….

It is amazing how something so simple can be so difficult.  I had my WordPress site set up within the first hour of downloading, now several days later I am trying to configure permalinks.  What a nightmare this has been!

The first problem I encountered was that I am hosting my site on Windows.  I am usually a linux guy.  Windows really isn’t a problem, but I soon found that permalinks could be trouble under IIS7.  Searching the internet I found this article.

I followed the instructions and still no luck, I didn’t expect any different as I had tried  modifying the web.config file once before for this WordPress install.  It was at this time I realized that even my shortlink’s werent working properly.  A shortlink is wordpress’s direct link to posts for example: https://energymonitorblog.com/?p=22 .   It was upon further scrutinization of my setup, when I realized the shortlink problem was in the wordpress setup. I realized I was pointing at my top level domain(https://energymonitorblog.com), not the subdomain(http://wdprs.energymonitorblog.com), that contained my wordpress install.

It is amazing what happens when you read the instructions for the second time.  This article was the a-ha moment.   Reading the instructions made me realize my site was setup incorrectly from the start, for what I wanted to do.  Like the article said, I copied the index.php to the root of my webhost and made the quick edit sited.  Voila!  All is well and working!


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