Using wake on lan to conserve power

I wanted to post a tip about a feature I just configured on my Home media server. The feature is called ‘wake on lan’. Most modern computers have this feature and it can come in handy for certain applications. Here is the problem, for the last 5 years I have kept my home server turned on 24/7 when in reality I would only use it 2-4 hrs / day. What I did to reduce the power consumption and potentially save the live of the components inside of it was to put the computer to sleep which uses minimal to no power. When I am ready to use the computer I simply send what is called a ‘magic packet’ to the computer. This magic packet wakes the computer and within 1 minute I am off an running. The other reason for using the magic packet vs just pressing the power switch is that the power switch is no accessible as this is a server in a closet.

Currently I have ubuntu server installed on the machine to configure ‘wake on lan’, you can check out these links:
LifeHacker Windows/Os2
Utility to send Magic Packets from Windows
Linux Setup

I have found that the time and effort to turn this feature on and use it was well worth it. Post a comment about how you use ‘wake on lan’ or if you have any tips for others on things you have learned.

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