To windows or To linux….

Well I am at a turning point in the creation of my website. I have just realized that the windows server I am using to host my website does not contain the php library I need. I will either need to see if I can get it added or revert back to Linux, which is where I wanted to be anyway. The only reason I chose windows was because I was testing out some of my code in Aspx( It was not long before I dicovered that although aspx and .net is great for enterprise solutions like I deal with at work, trying to integrate into WordPress is a challenge.

I know that most critics would say if you are using why on earth do you need WordPress? My answer would be two fold. First I would like to use a WordPress like solution and of course don’t want to re-write that piece. Second WordPress like any other CMS/blog style site has a feature rich environment with lots of available plug-ins that again, I don’t want to re-write. Typically within enterprise type intranet solutions using is more friendly because you only need to provide the charts and graphs or other pseudo static content that may only change once per year. In addition you usually only have a small number or contributors. Conversely when building a site on the internet where you could potentially have hundreds of contributors, you need a solution that is made for such a thing.

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