Installing Linux on Thin Client

Well I started the install of Linux on my Hardware: Wyse S30 thin client. What a challenge this has been! It seems that I have been plagued with hardware and software issues over the last week. My first try at install failed due to the fact that for some reason Ubuntu would not load properly. I aborted that and started to install Gentoo my favorite linux distro, only to find I had a bad memory stick! I think that Ubuntu would have worked, but the bad memory stick was causing strange behavior. For now I have made the switch and I am going to try Gentoo.

Why am I doing this? Well the plan is to use the thin client as my primary print and file server to conserve power. The thin client draws around 6watts and the external hard driver draws about 3 watts. A total of less than 10watts as compared to the 200+ watts that my full server draws. I will only power my main server on once per week to conduct full archived backups of my data, the rest of the time all files will reside on the thin client.

Let me know if you have any thoughts about the setup, in my future blog posts I will be discussing some of my friends solutions to this same problem.

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