I have made my decision.

In my last blog, I sited how I was torn between Windows and Linux. Well I have made my decision, I plan on switching back to linux hosting on Godaddy from windows. I am going to switch for 2 reasons, one being security the other being configuration options.

Throughout the years I have held several shared hosting accounts with multiple providers as well as built and maintained both Linux and windows servers. I have always held the opinion that when it comes to serving web pages Linux was the more preferred OS. What I have noticed is that as Microsoft has been trying to compete in the market they have been developing programs and products geared towards people like me the average Joe. In the last few years they introduced several programs under the ‘express’ version, unlike versions of the past where you had the choice of buying a student version or pro-version, the express version is free. Like some open source software where the free version has either a licensing constraint, scaled down feature set, or support constraint, the express version follows suit. In addition Microsoft has improved their server platform since the days of windows NT, but as compared to the flexibility I have experienced with Linux/apache, it still has a ways to go in my opinion.

In the way of configuration options on shared hosting Linux seems to offer more flexibility in the Shared hosting provider’s cpanel application as compared to the IIS7 cpanel application. The most notable thing I found was that on Linux shared hosting you are able to out of gate make things read-write but not web visible as well as make directories password protected. The cpanel on the windows shared hosting will not allow you to do this. For example, I wanted my application to have access to a temp directory, but to achieve this on windows shared hosting I had to make that directory web-visible read-write. There was no option to allow the application access and not the public. I know that if I had access to the actual IIS7 server control panel or I had remote desktop access to the shared server I could possibly configure this, but I don’t.

Needless to say, I have made the choice, Linux here I come!

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