Why Home Automation?

So why home automation?  Well quite frankly, cause it is just fun!  The energy monitor thing was fun and exciting, I still have a passion for saving energy.  I mean after all who doesn’t like to save $$.  The thing is I ran out of experiments that could be done on a low budget.  In addition, unless you spend high $$, doing anything worthwhile to save energy is not practical.  So after 6 months of having my monitor I found many things I could dial in, and got stuck.  Since then 2012 life hit me everything from Cancer to Divorce to remarriage.  So quite frankly all my experiments went on the back burner.

Now with my new supportive spouse and some new outlooks on life, I have started to pick up my hobbies again.  One of them is electronics, last time I was looking at energy monitoring and methods to save energy in 2018 I plan on dedicating my hobby time to home automation.  This is one of the fastest growing topics out there right now not including crypto-currency.  Currently although that currency fascinates me, I don’t have any plans on blogging about it.  Although keep your eye out on my personal site danny mullen.com and you never know.

So, this go round what will be my first post?  You will have to check back next week to see! In the mean time thing “flasher” and “Sonoff”

Leave a comment and tell me some of your home automation dreams, maybe we can have that be a future project.

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DNS and Domain Change

Hello, Sorry if anyone experiences downtime over the next 24-48hrs. I am in the process of changing nameservers as well as changing my domain registrar from Godaddy to Namecheap. Godaddy has served me well over the last ten years, however with their waffling support of SOPA and the deal I got on transfers, I had no choice. In my shopping around I found that other providers NameCheap included offer domain privacy for much cheaper than godaddy, with Privacy something I would like to use this was important to me.

I have only been using Namecheap for less than 24hours, but so far I am very pleased with the service in the transfer of my domains. If you would like to register over there below is my affliate link.

Namecheap.com - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting
Namecheap.com - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting
Namecheap.com - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

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Another path Gentoo, will it work?

Seeing the trouble I had with the Ubuntu Installer, I switched to my long term favorite distro Gentoo. Gentoo is not only a well documented distro, but you build your install from source, there is no installer. With Gentoo pretty much everything related to setup is manual and done by you the installer. It is not a distro for the faint at heart, but it is very customizable and because you build from source it is optimized for your hardware. This optimization provides low overhead which is perfect for something like a thin client with minimal disk space and minimal ram. Remember the hardware(Wyse S30 Thin Client 64mb Flash Drive / 128mb RAM) I am using, Gentoo could be a perfect fit for this.

The Gentoo install went flawlessly, except for the 8hr kernel compile. However, the reboot after install left me hanging with a ‘grub>’ prompt. This stinks a new problem, but remember I am further than I was with Ubuntu. With Ubuntu, I could not get a grub screen at all. At this point I figure it has to be something to do with a missing kernel module or driver, I just need to know which one.

Back to researching again, this time though I refuse to emerge without a working solution! More to come in my next blog post.

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