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Why Home Automation?

So why home automation?  Well quite frankly, cause it is just fun!  The energy monitor thing was fun and exciting, I still have a passion for saving energy.  I mean after all who doesn’t like to save $$.  The thing … Continue reading

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DNS and Domain Change

Hello, Sorry if anyone experiences downtime over the next 24-48hrs. I am in the process of changing nameservers as well as changing my domain registrar from Godaddy to Namecheap. Godaddy has served me well over the last ten years, however … Continue reading

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Another path Gentoo, will it work?

Seeing the trouble I had with the Ubuntu Installer, I switched to my long term favorite distro Gentoo. Gentoo is not only a well documented distro, but you build your install from source, there is no installer. With Gentoo pretty … Continue reading

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