Android running your fridge, could it happen?

I ran into this article online today, I had to share it. I love Google and all the things they have brought to the world, but really android based appliances?

It is not that I don’t like the concept of full home automation and having appliances at my house online. My problem lies in what’s at the heart of android, Google. After all, don’t I have enough Google in my life? I already use an android based phone, have gmail, a Google voice phone number, Google analytics tracking almost every web click, Google power meter, and more. Please, let me re-state I love all the things Google has provided for me, but I still question, do I need more?

This other reference suggests that Google would utilize a platform like Arduino to achieve some of its feats. I love this option as the Arduino is a very inexpensive capable platform, so I am glad they have sited it as one of the ones supported.

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