Finally a Solution! Didn’t realize I would learn this much about Linux.

After my Ubuntu and Gentoo flop, I was off to do more research on what Linux distro I could use on my Geode based Wyse S30 thin client. It had to be a distro that could either run fully off of a bootable USB or fit into the on board 64mb Flash Drive and it also had to be lightweight enough since I only had 128mb RAM. I knew there was a solution out there, I use Linux on my linksys router. The problem with my router though is that it runs embedded linux as opposed to a full linux distro like Ubuntu or Gentoo. I had purchased the router with the intent of running some of the applications that I will run on my thin client. The issue is that embedded linux is not always compatible with applications out of the box. This problem is what led me to seek the thin client. Also, a thin client meets the need of being low power, but with the cabality of running a full linux distro.

While researching how to fix my grub boot issue, discussed in my last blog post, I encountered this blog site, on this site he discusses installing a distro called Tinycore Linux. He also goes through a step by step method to install and configure a thin client using Tinycore Linux. Could it be the answer I was searching for? Yes, I downloaded Tinycore and made a bootable USB stick within minutes I was up and running! Although to install Tinycore Linux on my internal flash drive would require some work, my thing client boots and runs from a bootable USB.

With this new found knowledge, I am currently finishing up my install and working out the kinks. Once complete I plan on putting together a step by step. I am just happy to finally be in the position where I have this box working. There was a time last week, that I thought I was going to have to live with my energy hog server or deal with an off the shelf NAS that lacks configuration options I would like to have.

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