Can a smart phone make time?

Over the last few days in my discussions with friends, I have heard the I don’t have time excuse come up more than once.  What I have figured out is that most of these people believe a phone should be a phone and nothing more. This made me realize that having a smart phone gives you freedom, that you would not have otherwise.  For example I updated my wordpess site while at gymnastics, today I made an edit at lunch, and right now I am watering the garden.  It is amazing what you can do with technology. 

Of course keep in mind this freedom can have adverse effects, for example, it can be used as an electronic leash at times. However, this can be controlled by simply pushing the ignore button or turning off the gps transmitter.  Consequently, I have found that it does allow me freedom to be away from the desk, which is what I love.

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