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Can you see your Ted5000, I can…

As the latest addition to, I have it setup an option to see your ted 5000. I added this because I realized I would love to login to my ted from time to time, but due to the dynamic … Continue reading

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Chipping away one chart at a time.

Well I have made some progress, I am happy to say that I have my chart working for 15/60/120/600/1200 minute intervals.┬áRight now I am preparing code to group by day, by hour, by week, etc. I am finding out that … Continue reading

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Android running your fridge, could it happen?

I ran into this article online today, I had to share it. I love Google and all the things they have brought to the world, but really android based appliances? It is not that I don’t like the concept of … Continue reading

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