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Chipping away one chart at a time.

Well I have made some progress, I am happy to say that I have my chart working for 15/60/120/600/1200 minute intervals. The chart is located here. Right now I am preparing code to group by day, by hour, by week, … Continue reading

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Android running your fridge, could it happen?

I ran into this article online today, I had to share it. I love Google and all the things they have brought to the world, but really android based appliances? It is not that I don’t like the concept of … Continue reading

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Welcome to EnergyMonitorBlog.com

Welcome to the energy monitor blog.  I plan on posting the results of experiments using my Ted5000 energy monitor.  The first experiment will be “tank or tankless water heater.”   Which is correct for you?   Below is the output of … Continue reading

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