How to make your ted 5000 data public

I recently received an email requesting how to share the ted5000 data. Here are the steps entailed to do that. First you must load your ted5000 home page in your browser. On most windows machines you can type http://ted5000 in your browser, if this does not work you will need to know the ip address of your ted5000. From the ted5000 window goto edit–>system settings –> network settings –> check box password protect configuration. Screen shots of this are below, you can click on the image for a larger version.

Once loaded select the system setting from the menu as shown below:

Once in the system settings click the Networks setting tab as shown below:

After selecting the type of security you want select write to device:

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2 Responses to How to make your ted 5000 data public

  1. Guy Marsden says:

    Not very helpful. Can you give a bit more detail for those of use that are not web Uber Geeks? I’d like to be able to embed my TED user interface into my site. I have good web site design skills, but I can’t infer from your post how to do the embedding.

    • Danny says:

      This post was not describing how to embed your ted into your site. It was simply how to turn sharing on, I was responding to an email question I received. I will write a post within the next week on how to embed your ted via an iframe. I think you are looking for something like this, but formatted correctly. This link I am sending you was simply a test, but it demonstrates you can do it.

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